Rmanrad Productions is a London based Cinematography service company having a talented team of Directors, Cinematographers, Editors and Actors.

Rmanrad Productions has completed over 30 jobs in the past 12 months, with some of the jobs uploaded on this website.

Whether it is short film, music video, wedding video or fashion shoot you are looking for,  you can expect to receive a high quality product from us.

List of our equipment:
  • 2x 4K Cinematic cameras
  • 2x GoPros
  • 3-Axis Gimbal for cinematic shots
  • Sound equipment (Lavs, recorders, Boom + mic)
  • Lighting equipment (LED lights, Reflectors, diffusers, backdrop, green screen and accessories)
  • and more
Our Services Include:
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting and Gaffing
  • Sound recording
  • Screen Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Location Scouting
  • Foley 
  • Providing actors
  • and more

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